More than ever society is placing labels and titles on everything. What you eat, who you love, what you are – is it just too much? As a millenial, how do you fit into these categories? How do you avoid being boxed? This segment aims to explore how our panel cope, deal and identify with labels today.

Host: Ben Hurst

Guests include: Zeze Millz, KG, Jacqueline Gomes- Neves, Tobi Norman, Andy Gray, Isha Shah, Rev. Jarel Robinson Brown

Executive Producers: Mark Browning, Matthew Barnet, Vikki McLachlan

Series Producer: Stephané Alexandre

Casting Producer: TD Moyo

Production Assistant: Alice Rosso

Production Coordinator: Naiké Kabore

1st AC: James Amott

2nd AC: Scott Buxton

3rd AC: Naiké Kabore

4th AC: Will Pope

Sound Recordist: Joel Carr

Gaffer: Jamie Montgomery

DIT: Saraphina Mattis

Hair & Make Up: Angela Namabiri

Art Director: Hazel Low

Editor: Saraphina Mattis

Editor: Paul Akinrinlola

Colourist: Paul Akinrinlola

Photographer: Lucy B

Photographer’s Assistant: Alex Neal