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Executive Director


Four8 are looking for an experienced Executive Director with a passion for storytelling to lead their team and media production as they seek to share the Christian story with 18-34 year-olds in new and compelling ways.

About the role

We are looking for a new Executive Director to:

  • Head up Four8.
  • Manage the team.
  • Develop a market-driven approach to content origination across a wide range of media platforms.
  • Ensure that the content communicates the Christian message in fresh and intriguing ways in order to find new British audiences in the 18-34 age range.
  • Make sure that it is seen/heard by the maximum possible number of people in our target demographic by devising appropriate marketing strategies.

The key responsibilities for this role include:

  • To ensure all projects hit the strategic goals set by the directors and commissioners of Jerusalem Productions, Four8’s parent company.
  • To ensure all projects are completed in accordance with deadlines and budgetary constraints.
  • To present, alongside the Creative Producer, ideas for video, audio and social media content to commissioners, the directors of Jerusalem Productions and Jerusalem Trust trustees. This content will cover many genres, including drama, documentaries, factual entertainment, podcasts and social media shorts for platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.
  • Devise, or recruit a team who can devise, ways to promote the content so that it achieves the highest possible British audience in the 18-34-year-old range.
  • Report on the progress of projects to Jerusalem Productions’ Directors and the Trust Executive.
  • Develop a market-driven content strategy to inform ideas and concepts for campaigns.
  • Use focus groups and other forms of market intelligence to identify suitable projects and gauge the potential of projects as well.
  • Manage strategic partnerships that will enhance the quality and reach of Four8’s content. This will include identifying external production companies/talent who can make Four8 content in conjunction with the Creative Producer, and working with partners and agencies for wide dissemination.
  • Recruit, develop and manage an outstanding creative production team to make any in-house content.
  • In conjunction with the Creative Producer, select and work with external creatives when necessary.
  • Ensure Four8’s financial and legal obligations are met.
  • Ensure all productions are consistent with the values of Jerusalem Productions.
  • Oversee and monitor media and film production and associated social media campaigns.
  • Evaluate projects on an ongoing basis and alter when required.
  • Report on the success and uptake of campaigns to the Directors and Trustees.
  • The Executive Director is responsible for the Creative Producer as well as recruiting suitable production, production management, development and marketing/publicity personnel.
  • This role reports directly to the Board of Directors, with a reporting line to Vikki McLachlan, Trust Executive, Jerusalem Trust & Jerusalem Productions, and overall responsibility to the Chief Operating Officer of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts.

Who are we looking for?

The particular experience we are looking for includes:

  • Proven ability in managing a creative team engaged in making content for multiple platforms.
  • Proven experience of legal and regulatory issues relating to media production.
  • Proven professional social media engagement with the 18-34 demographic.
  • Experience and understanding of marketing and promotion of digital content across different platforms.
  • Creation of content upholding Christian themes and messages.