Breaking Bread
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Breaking Bread

April 14th — 2023

2 family members cook a meal to discuss the conflict between them & how they found a way through.

Breaking Bread is a show about forgiveness with genuine moments of laughter and tears. While coming together to cook a meal that reflects their culture or interests, family members discuss how - with faith - they have overcome a challenging conflict. Discover how resolution can happen even in the most testing circumstances.


  • - Agnita Oyawale & Josiah Oyawale
  • - Nana Duncan & Janet Mensah
  • - Jo Young & Alex Young
  • - Warren Duffus &  Nemare Taylor-Duffus

Breaking Bread can be seen via YouTube on our Four8 page!

Let us know if you are able to give it a try yourself and make amends with your loved one 💜