Breaking Bread
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Breaking Bread

April 14th — 2023

Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor. Proverbs 22:9

To share food is to love, something I have always believed. The act of sharing, making and even sending food correlates to two types of love languages; receiving gifts and acts of service.

Sharing meals together builds relationships. Think about it!

Lunch with colleagues, breakfast with friends, dinner parties, Christmas, a Sunday Roast;... these are just a few examples that show a shared meal is indeed a social event where thoughts, experiences and emotions are all mutually conveyed.

Breaking Bread is a very simple but oh so effective concept that tackles difficult conversations with our loved ones, in the kitchen!

A straightforward but genius concept.

We go on a journey with our cast whilst they embrace their culture, have discussions around generational opinions and their personal beliefs.

When taking part in difficult conversation, there is bound to be disagreement as you've allowed yourself to be open and vulnerable. One of the beautiful things about this show is witnessing the importance of open communication and in doing so how we can positively resolve disputes.

Sharing food with a family member, a good friend or romantic partner often strengthens your relationship.   Studies suggest that sharing food releases oxytocin in both the giver and the receiver, which facilitates bonding… I guess this explains my *happy dance* every time I have the privilege of having good food!

In this hard-hitting show about forgiveness and resolution, two family members will cook a meal together as they discuss contention that arose between them, and how they managed to move forward from it.

With genuine moments of laughter and tears, as the two work together on preparing a dish that represents their culture or shared love, we will discover how forgiveness and reconciliation can happen even in the most challenging of circumstances.

As the audience we also learn effective ways in how to communicate with our loved ones and possibly ways that are not so conducive.


  • - Agnita Oyawale & Josiah Oyawale
  • - Nana Duncan & Janet Mensah
  • - Jo Young & Alex Young
  • - Warren Duffus &  Nemare Taylor-Duffus

Breaking Bread can be seen via YouTube on our Four8 page!

Let us know if you are able to give it a try yourself and make amends with your loved one 💜