The Final Judgement

The Final Judgement


In this brand new gameshow, a group of friends must work out the identity of a mystery person based on a series of clues.

What kind of person is this? Their age? Gender? Ethnicity? Their politics? Their class? And then they must make The Final Judgement. Could they be friends with this person? But there's a twist. The mystery person is one of them. This highly watchable and repeatable short-form social experiment is based on Matthew 7:1-2 'Do not judge or you too will be judged." It tackles unconscious bias head-on, highlighting the stereotyping and prejudiced judgements we all make.

  • Written by

  • Starring

  • Directed by

  • Supporting performances


  • Created + produced by

    Stephané Alexandre

  • Executive Producers

    Matthew Barrett

    Vikki McLachlan

  • Shooting Direction by

    Jelani Pomell

  • Edited by

    Sata Studios- Matthew Sojole & Luke Thompson- Allen

  • Starring

    Sum Ting Wong

    Regina Gorgeous

    AJ Bediako

    Tess Drive

    Rose Frimpong

    Lyra Hamenya

    Adaobi Okafor

    Bianca Maxwell

    Jean Johnedo

    Alice McGann

    Phoebe Gilbert

    Xiao Hao

    Wren Ginn

    Kirsty Spence

    Alessana Hall

    Benjamin Edwards

    Richard Lukombo

    Martin Andrews

    Rachel Denham

    Jakub Konarzewski

    Sarah De Garnham

    Martin Kuria